Fire Restoration Experts in Mesa, AZ


As the weather has gotten warmer, people tend to use their BBQ grill more frequently.  Unfortunately, some house fires are caused by BBQ grills being stored and used too close to the residence.  East Valley Disaster Services (EVDS) the restoration experts are currently working on two fires right now that were caused by BBQ grills. 

Picture 1 shows a fire that was caused by a BBQ grill being used in the evening and was too close to the house. In the middle of the night the house caught fire, with the fire traveling mostly through the attic. In fact, the air conditioning unit falling through the roof to the floor is what woke up the occupants. Luckily they got themselves and their pets out the bedroom window safely without anyone harmed.  Picture 2 shows a step in the fire restoration process.

We have a few tips and suggestions to safely store your BBQ Grill. 

  1. Do not store your grill next to a wall of your residence or a combustible wall.  Follow the recommended distance in the manual that came with your grill.
  2. Turn off the propane from the tank to the grill when not in use.
  3. Make sure the hoses and fittings are in good working condition and the hose is not near an open flame.


Enjoy your summer and be safe!!