Infrared Technology to Locate Water Damage in Mesa, AZ



Use of state of the art infrared camera to locate water damage


Pic 1 Shows the office with no apparent water damage to the naked eye. 


Pic 2 Shows actual water damage with infrared technology located by East Valley Disaster Services (EVDS).


So, how does it work? Infrared technology views and measures the infrared radiation being produced based on the temperature of what is being viewed. So instead of what is being viewed by the naked eye, the infrared camera views the area by its temperature. If an area that is wet, it will be cooler than an area that is dry. If an area is missing insulation, the drywall will be warmer than on walls that are properly insulated. Electrical issues will show warm areas. Leaking ductwork will be seen by cold spots at areas of leaking. These problems usually aren’t seen by the naked eye, and even if they are, the extent of the issue may not be apparent. Water damage handled incorrectly results in mold damage. Improper insulation and leaking ducts result in inefficiency and higher utility bills.


Selecting the right restoration company, who utilizes the proper technology along with experienced and knowledgeable technicians will bring you peace of mind knowing your home is cared for properly.