Licensed contractor in Mesa, AZ

East Valley Disaster Services was able to provide excellent service to a customer that had a flood at their city offices.  Here is an excerpt from her thank you letter sent to our company:

              "First and foremost, thank you to Vessa and Josh, that initial meeting was on point and very thorough. Thank you to Skip, and Marvin for managing the projects so very well from the environmental to the demolition and remodel, all while never leaving me hanging or wondering where we were at. Thank you to Fernando, Tim, Don, Ryan, and Steve, for the beautiful drywall, texture and paint work. To Javier and crew for the demo work in the housing area, not once but twice. I am sorry I did not catch all their names. To Chase from Gila Flooring and his crew Betto, Ivan, and Jose for an absolutely awesome job on the carpet tiles today. Outstanding workmanship and, completed in one day. Impressive. I want to extend a special thanks to Keith who was one of the first people at the start of the project after meeting with Vessa and Josh, not only was he professional but stepped in to a situation to defend me during a rather touchy encounter with a worker from another contractor. My husband thanks you as well Keith, as the situation could have turned out much differently. You are an upstanding man and I appreciate it more than you can imagine. In closing, I know all too well in the profession I am in that most people only hear the negative impact and rarely hear a compliment for a job well done. Although I have not met you yet, the staff that work for your company are a true example of the caliber of man and employer you are. My hat is off to you Stuart."

Susan B.                                                                                     Safety/Risk Management Specialist

East Valley Disaster Services (EVDS) provides services for flood, fire or water damage to your home or business.  Let us be your licensed contractor.